Youghal Lace – an old craft still in practice


Visit the Library between 11 and 1 on Wednesdays to see an age old craft being practised by expert lace makers while others learn the various stitches. Youghal Lace began in earnest during the Great Famine when women were taught to make lace and earn some money. Youghal lace became world famous and was worn by royalty, the papacy and the aristocracy and anyone who could afford to make it or pay for it.

Youghal lace wedding  and christening gowns became family heirlooms.

To-day the traditional lace-makers welcome visitors and even more those who would like to learn.  All the various stitches are taught. Legend has it that experts in lace can tell the difference between lace made by nuns and lace made by married women. Don’t ask me! Ask  them !