Roots 5 Songs from our Young


Roots 5 Songs from our Young – young creators of songs making musical memories

My love and zest for life and the techniques Ive learnt through experience and practice to unlock my potential as fully as I can allow,  I share with the young  I attract to me and create with .The sessions usually last an hour and in that hour the atmosphere leads the way , anything is possible but nothing is impossible .We sometimes talk about ways of the heart and higher mind and share our experiences and ways to connect more  to the expanding self and what is wanted not what isn’t .As we interact a song usually transpires and off we go .The songs point upwards to self empowerment and well being mostly with an occasional dip when school and homework are mentioned. The process helps to transform belief patterns and release emotions at a level beyond the known and its fun.

The Roots 5 Project is being recorded at Claycastle Studios Youghal and has 18 original songs from writers aged between 10 and 20.

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