ENGINEERING A FUTURE: Christy Parker talks to Youghal’s award-winning engineer Aoife Murphy


It seems timely as students proceed inexorably towards exams, to echo the sentiments of Aoife Murphy. “If any girl is considering a career in engineering, I would say go for it without hesitation!”, she proclaims. “It’s not a career path that girls traditionally have chosen”, she adds, “but it is one that can be a hugely fulfilling career and one that’s adaptable to coincide with wider interests also.”

Living proof of her own testimony, Aoife’s career in engineering has merged with her interest in history and archaeology and has enabled her to ply her skills at such historical landmarks as Molana Abbey, Borris House and Youghal’s town walls. It has also led to her working amongst earthquake-stricken communities on the other side of the world.

Born and reared in Borris, County Carlow, Aoife is one of Youghal’s few award-winning chartered engineers -she may even be the only one- and has been applying her talents with David Kelly Partnership for the past 12 months.

As a schoolgirl “engineering wasn’t even mentioned to me as an option”, she reflects. “But I was always interested in maths and some of my friends boyfriends were studying civil engineering. I’d intended studying business but became curious and eventually switched to engineering.”

She enrolled at Trinity, where she studied general engineering for two initial years and then civil structural environmental engineering, graduating in 2007 after four years.

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